– #KulturelleAneignung und das Bild von #NativeAmericans in Deutschland – Gespräch mit Red Haircrow #Video

(After an initial technical issue, dialogue begins around the 5 min mark. )

A discussion on the topic of racism, colonialism, Eurocentrism during the #MayflowersKill campaign (October 2021) at Survival International Germany. Native American stereotypes have been used to misrepresent, misuse and primitize Native Americans and Indigenous peoples. They’ve also been used to hide the European role in their genocide and ethnocide, past and present.

Stereotypes are fear and ignorance based oversimplifications created by those who made themselves dominant through centuries long violence and enslavement, which present incarnation of such behaviors includes systemic racism, discrimination and cultural appropriation. Stereotypes hide and misdirect away from the Truth about Native and Indigenous peoples, their lands and entire continents, whose history has been strategically omitted from western society’s (mis)educational systems.

One of those Truths is: Europeans using modified Christianity as a weapon to first attacked their peers. They committed forcible assimilation, torture and genocide of many of the original Peoples and belief systems in Europe. They especially focused on women, anyone “different”, non-heteronormative or those neurologically diverse. They then took that murderous, thieving show on the road, inflicting horrific violence across the world. They created the concept of race to found the idea of their superiority, and used racism to oppress and enslave. They also normalized sexism, homo- and transphobia, misogyny and ableism in western society. Anyone of their own peers who tried to stop them? They tried to destroy them, too. They routinely destroyed some of the best and brightest of their own who believed in equality and equity for all persons.

So, the systems we fight today, to end stereotyping, colonialism, racism, sexism, ableism, religious intolerance, gender violence and patriarchy, are concepts created to keep a minority in power. Everyone should all be fighting such systems and practices together, not just to help Native peoples, but to help themselves. To help save our world from imperialism, colonization, consumerism and capitalism that continues to foment war, hatred and greed, and is destroying our Earth as we face critical climate crisis.

Facing the reality of what the continued belief in or apathy towards Native American stereotypes is key to understanding yourselves, our shared history and how to end systems of selective abuse, oppression and suppression. For the survival of all our children, for our world.

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