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We cover topics such as project details, target audience, screening fees, venues/hosting and distribution. If you have other questions, please use the contact form below.

1. Is the film an analysis of Karl May’s work or the character of Winnetou? 

No. As our film synopsis states, this film is on a) racism, white supremacist ideology and/or Eurocentrism in the misuse of Natives and other peoples and their cultures, well-intentioned or not, b) the effects of such behaviors and connection to other contemporary issues, and c) on correcting commonly believed stereotypes by providing accurate knowledge about Natives primarily from Natives.

2. What is the target audience(s)? 

Important information and perspectives are offered to all viewers, and relevant to all peoples, whatever their interests, background or beliefs on cultural appropriation and intercultural respect. However, the groups below may find it of special interest:

  • The educational sector (student, cultural and professional, etc).
  • Activist and human interest groups, as these topics strongly intersect with human rights, social justice and contemporary societal issues.
  • Psychology, sociology and history researchers.

3. Is your documentary in English or German, and does it have subtitles?

The documentary has both English and German audio. A final version is available with English or German subtitles.

And ALL of our materials and descriptions are available in German, of course, and which have been translated by sensitivity readers who are versed in Native and GLBTIIQ terminology. Our material is inclusive and respects their self-determination and self-identification, such as relating to the terms or descriptions they wish to be called.

4. Where can I buy a DVD or download for streaming?

Request a copy via Vtape, Canada’s leading artist-run, not-for-profit distributor. This is the option for universities, organizations, groups and so forth. Currently, the title is not yet available for streaming online, but you can buy a DVD for private use via eBay. Stock will be replenished as necessary, but the URL changes. Please save our seller profile to find the documentary at any time.

5. How do we arrange a screening or host an event? What is involved and what kinds of venues do you work with?

We’ve screened in rooms, smaller theaters, in cooperation with universities and non-profit organizations, and also with individual groups. Please see Question 4, regarding request a screening copy. Red Haircrow may also available for appearances in various ways, and with respect to the Corona Virus situation and restrictions. Please view their bibliography for examples and upcoming independent events.

6. How much does it cost and why is there a fee, especially if we’re an individual group? What is the fee used for?

The screening fee is based on Vtape’s distribution model. Speaking fees for Red Haircrow have a base amount, but may vary based on venue.  As an independent filmmaker with no additional funding, all expenses are our own, such as film editing software subscriptions, server space and time/labor. An honorarium is requested to  continue other projects such as ALMOST, a documentary following the lives of four people on Autistic Spectrum Disorder, sexuality, gender and the effects of stigma and prejudice.

7. Can I watch a “screener” of the film online before deciding whether to host a screening or not? 

An online screener can be requested at Vtape by organizations, groups and so forth. For individuals, please visit our Vimeo site to see our trailers, extra scenes, and other examples of our video work. Several other articles, resources and descriptions of the documentary and interviews with the director on the film and other subjects can be found here.

8. Didn’t this project begin with more than one director? 

Yes. The documentary development and early production began with two directors. Due to circumstances beyond their control the final product was eventually written, edited, produced, directed and funded by Red Haircrow. The well-being of the Native participants was of primary importance to Red Haircrow, and having someone interact with them in a way they found appropriate was penultimate because they volunteered their personal, often painful experiences to help others understand the topics better. Ways were parted to better protect our Native American participants. Please see IllumiNative’s excellent guide on this.

9. Are you available for interviews or other engagements? 

Certainly, and some excellent factors to consider are listed at this article. Red Haircrow is a freelance writer/poet, psychologist, and educator, whose research focuses on cultural competency, historic inter-generational and individual trauma, BIPOC needs, and Autistic Spectrum Disorders. Their work experiences, expertise and interests cover a wide range of subjects such as cuisine, world histories, and extensive knowledge in different disciplines in psychology, cultural competency and education. Please visit their personal website to learn more about their work, background and perspectives, and/or their business site for information on how to contact Red Haircrow for seminars, lectures and other engagements.


Have other questions, comments or queries about this film? Please use the form below. For all other inquires, please use the contact form on our business site Flying With Red Haircrow Productions.