Updated 7 May 2023

Cover Art 2 advertNow available! Published on this, 31st March 2023, on the Transgender Day of Visibility, even as countries and governments like the USA continue to allow violent attacks, discrimination and organized oppression and legislation to destroy rights and lives. Varied Spirits Anthology – Volume 1, in print or on Kindle. 50 pages, English.

Just like our documentary’s description: “The same mentality that ignores Indigenous rights to self-representation are often those who also stereotype and gaslight GLBTIIQ people, women (of all kinds), the disabled or economically challenged, especially people of color just for desiring change and equality. It is basically saying, “My gratification is more important than your dignity, your rights or even your life.” This is a main facet of rape culture. It is intersecting oppression.

Contributors include Ana Oihan Ametsa, Vyacheslav Konoval, Hexe Fey, Dana Ravyn, Kat, C.S.W. Henry, Rachel Andeen, Lara Holy, Folami Bayode and Fierce Grandmother, from the countries or unceded territories of the USA, Canada, Mexico, Ukraine, Germany, and the UK. Edited by Manuel Ricardo Garcia and Red Haircrow.

Length: 50 Pages
Format: Softcover on art paper
Art & Text: Color and Black/White
Size: 148 x 210 mm


Forget Winnetou! Loving in the Wrong Way
Deutschland, USA | 2018 | 70 Min.
AB 10. MAI 2023

Der Regisseur zeigt in einer 70-minütigen Dokumentation diverse Missrepräsentationen der deutschen Darstellung von Native Americans auf. Vor allem die Ausblendung der deutschen Vorgehensweise zur Zeit der Kolonialisierung Amerikas wird im Film kritisch reflektiert.

Cine K Oldenburg.

kielUpcoming 3 May, Red Haircrow will participate in a Q&A and talk in Kiel, Germany in cooperation with
Cultural and Media Studies and the group Culturitical.

More about the group and site: “We introduce core topics of Cultural Studies, such as representation, meaning, media, identity and cultural memory. At the same time, we provide a first insight to core historical issues such as colonialism, the American West, slavery and imperialism.

The videos are made to be accessible to students of all subjects, and to everyone interested in understanding everyday issues of culture in a broader perspective. A further section rearticulates ongoing discussions on current issues in Cultural Studies. Also, we advertise and document public events where matters of Cultural Studies are discussed with artists, scholars, activists and others.”

26745-0309694744-450 Now available – Suicide Prevention in Indigenous Communities
Proceedings of a Workshop”, Francis K. Amankwah, D. S. Red Haircrow, and Sharyl J. Nass, Rapporteurs.

“Indigenous communities experience higher risks for suicide compared to the general U.S. population, with suicide as the second-leading cause of death among Indigenous children and young adults in North America. To reduce this trend, it is essential for prevention and intervention efforts to build on scientific evidence; cultural and local knowledge; and the best community, family, and institutional practices to reduce risk and increase protection.

The Forum on Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders and the Forum for Children’s Well-Being at the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine convened a three-part virtual public workshop on April 26, 2022, May 13, 2022, and June 10, 2022, to examine suicide risk and protective factors in Indigenous populations, discuss culturally appropriate and effective suicide prevention policies and programs, explore existing data systems and how data can be used for tracking suicide rates, and consider opportunities for action. This Proceedings highlights presentations and discussions from the workshop.”


Published on 2 Dec 2022 by xart splitta, the 3rd installment in the #CommunitiesSolidarischDenken – Zusammen als People of Color?!Überlegungen zu nachhaltiger Community-Zusammenarbeit III.

My short essay, “Terming Us into New Obscurity”, my perspectives on the terms BIPOC and POC, was part of the volume meant to support cross-cultural understanding and support.

It’s available online and in print. If you have any questions, please contact xart splitta and visit their website.


On 24 November 2022, at the 3rd annual *Acknowledging #Indigenous Peoples Day* worldwide, I’ll be sharing my essay, “When I Think About America” and “Threatened by Beads”. My perspectives as a BIPOC person on history: past, present and future, both personal and societal. 

Description: “We are meaningfully appreciating wisdom from Native and Indigenous scholars and artists through music, indigenous stories, poetry, meditation, healing silence, and connection.”

In cooperation with AML Lab • Omnigi Research.


On 16 & 17 Nov, Red Haircrow will be doing workshops with xart splitta for “The Living Archives” and the topic “Politics of Memories and Archives – the spaces in between” event. All details can be found at the link below.

The event will have both English and German segments. Register asap as space is limited as Covid19 precautions will be taken regarding personal distancing, etc. Please visit their event announcement page for all details and the schedule for the two days of inspiring, enlightening & solidarity supporting gathering.

“Allyship “Righting History – How Historical Amnesia and Omission Fuels the New Rise of Normalized -Isms”.

Titel der Veranstaltung und Informationen zum Ort und Anmeldung sind abgebildet. Im Hintergrund eine Zeichnung eines Herzens unterlegt in Orange.

Montag, 31. Oktober 2022

19 Uhr, bei BIWOC* Rising

Dresdener Str. 11, 10999 Berlin

“Gemeinsam mit den Teilnehmer*innen der Fokusgruppe korientation, BIWOC* Rising, dem RomaniPhen Archiv, May Zeidani Yufanyi, Red Haircrow und unserem Vorstand Saideh Saadat-Lendle und Iman Attia wollen wir am 31.10., ab 19 Uhr zu BIWOC* Rising einladen.

Mit euren Fragen und in einem offenen Gespräch im safer space möchten wir Geschichten teilen und uns bewegungspolitisch Erinnern mit den Aktivist*innen, die das Aufkommen von People of Colour beobachtet und selbst begleitet haben in Deutschland.”

Shared via xart splitta

plusPublished 24 August 2022 by David Baum at STERN.DE, Neu bei @sternde: “Die Debatte um die Neuauflage des Winnetou-Stoffs geht weiter. Uschi Glas, die Karl May-Gesellschaft und Franz Josef Wagner haben sich geäußert. Im stern kommen die Betroffenen zu Wort: Red Haircrow ist Mitglied der Chiricahua Apache/Cherokee und kritisiert die Winnetou-Bücher und -Filme bereits seit Jahren – unter anderem in einem Dokumentarfilm.”

The title & info about our documentary is completely untrue as the film’s description CLEARLY says: It’s about the racism, white supremacist ideology & Eurocentrism STILL fueling these kind of behaviors & practices, which we list on the film’s description page but also at FAQs. Read our response Here.

wwestPublished 24 August 2022 by Adrian Schultz, an Interview with Red Haircrow: “Das Problem an #Winnetou: Ein Psychologe über #Rassismus und die deutsche Obsession mit dem Wilden Westen” – @Tagesspiegel

Our further discussion on site here, including more information about Ravensburger Verlag’s book controversy: “And the problem with Ravensburger is even worse than we thought. They decided to use the sexist, racist term “squ*w” in the Winnetou children’s book.” Visit the short statement here. They’re all clearly demonstrating why its long past time to #ForgetWinnetou.

Like the description of our documentary states: “The same mentality that ignores Indigenous rights to self-representation are often those who also stereotype and gaslight GLBTIIQ people, women, the disabled or economically challenged, especially people of color just for desiring change and equality.”

Stereotypes aren’t harmless, especially considering their origins and effects. Particularly for other marginalized and minoritized groups, they often result in discrimination, misrepresentation, oppression and even assault and murder. Educating ignorance and unlearning sexism, prejudices, and homo-/transphobia are also part of our work.

Varied Spirits is a collection of poetry, prose, visual art & photography that is accepting submissions, with plans for publishing in Winter/Spring 2023. Writers, photographers and artists of any kind or level who identify as trans (non-binary, gender non-conforming, trans-feminine, trans-masculine, mtf, ftm etc.) and Native/Indigenous persons who identify as Two-Spirit are invited to submit at variedspirits (at)

See all guidelines and read more about the forthcoming collection at Flying With Red Haircrow Productions. The anthology will be edited by Manuel Ricardo Garcia, Red Haircrow and another guest editor (TBA).


Now available on DVD at eBay, we’re happy to finally be able to offer it in this format, and hopefully the version with English subtitles will be available for streaming soon.

Rental and purchase options for universities, schools, organizations and groups are still through VTape, an artist run not-for-profit distributor in Canada. We’re still open for offers from a Europe based distributor.

Format: DVD
Region: PAL
Genre: Dokumentarfilm/Documentary
Erscheinungsjahr/Released: 2018
Audio: German/Deutsch, English/Englisch
Untertiteln/Undertitles: German
Laufzeit/Runtime: 70min.

rising-voicesRecently published and available in paperback or hard cover, Rising Voices: Poems toward a Social Justice Revolution (2022). From University Professors Press (univ_prof_press on Twitter), the poetry collection “addresses critical social justice issues of our time, including racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, homelessness, and more.

Each topic is approached with sensitivity and insight, strength and compassion. Readers will be provoked to reflection, tears, and action.  This volume includes poems by TS Hawkins, Frederick K. Foote, Jr., Red Haircrow, Aliya J’anai, J. Thomas Brown, Venita Thomas, Carol Barrett, Nathaniel Granger, Jr., Veronica Lac, Louis Hoffman, and more. “

42In a recent issue of Montecristo Magazine: “The Frankfurt Book Fair Sheds Light on Germany’s Strange Obsession with Indigenous Culture”. Red Haircrow was interviewed along with others, on the topics of Germany, Hobbyism and Cultural Appropriation in Writing and Literature, and the oft underlying issues of Eurocentrism, Racism & White Privilege.

Read the full article at link: “Haircrow says publishers tend to look for “recognizably Indigenous” stories. “It forces the Indigenous person to limit themselves if they want to get published in a traditional way,” he says. “They limit what readers are receiving. It’s a huge disservice to readers and to the writers.”

2007-en-mayflowerskill-1-1_article_large11 October 2021 –A online discussion event for the  “Kolonialismus ist überall – Mayflowers Kill” campaign at Survival International. Join us on Survival International’s Instagram and other social media accounts in a series of discussions with Indigenous educators and others on the on-going effects and mechanisms of Colonialism…. and how to heal and undo the cycles of violence, racism and lies that have affected us all.

zwissenRecently in Zeitwissen, a section within Die Zeit, one of the largest news sources in Germany, an article was published on the need of Indigenous knowledge in natural sciences to help salvage and repair the climate crisis, a large part of which nuevo European values and practices unleashed on our world. Myself and other Indigenous peoples were asked to comment on how Indigenous knowledge can be of use in natural sciences. Me being me, I came at it from a slightly different, but critically important angle.

“Like Indigenous cultures and peoples, Indigenous knowledge is often “primitized” and stereotyped in a Eurocentric way. Yet Indigenous knowledge and methodologies are based on equitable values beneficial to all life, and they have positive application for everything from psychology to astrophysics, education to engineering.”

Read more HERE.

Tonight, 23 March 2021, a cordial invitation to the Public Film Screening “Forget Winnetou! Loving in the Wrong Way” by director D.S. Red Haircrow, BSc., MA.

As part of the “International Weeks Against Racism,” in cooperation with Friedensau Adventist University, the award-winning documentary “Forget Winnetou! Loving in the Wrong Way” (in English original with German subtitles) will be shown. The event is sponsored by “Demokratie leben! – Partnership for Democracy Burg and southern Jerichower Land”.

More details on how to access the event HERE.

Thank you to all who participated in the film screening & discussion 27 February, “Forget Winnetou! Loving in the Wrong Way” – Filmvorführung und -gespräch im Rahmen der Ausstellung “Schwarz ist der Ozean”.

A huge thank you to Exil – Osnabrücker Zentrum für Flüchtlinge e.V. and the individuals who organized, moderated and provided technical support to our evening.

If you’re interested in organizing a screening and discussion for your group or organization, please check out our FAQs page & use our contact form.

Karnevalsverein De Poller Böschräuber. COPYRIGHT Honorarfrei – nur für diese Sendung inkl. SocialMedia bei Nennung ZDF und Tobias Winkler / Kobalt Productions.

Airing tomorrow 13.02 on 3sat, „Ich bin kein Kostüm!“ I was one of the interviewees for this #documentary on #racism #culturalappropriation & #discrimination in Germany. Will the end edit be a hardline based on our commentary or another apologist or “There’s good people on both sides” type of production? We’ll see.

Now available in German with some quotes in English, in cooperation with Xart Splitta. In these times more than ever we need empathy, and we all need to work together, those who wish a better world for all peoples. We must continue to educate and disperse vehement defenders of xenophobia and hate who work to divide and even destroy. DOWNLOAD HERE.

The work is a collection of thoughts, expressions and commentary from members of a focus group on minoritized and marginalized groups in Germany, which includes allies and supporters.

Join us 27 February 2021, for an online screening & discussion. This event is part of a series by Exil – Osnabrücker Zentrum für Flüchtlinge e.V., titled “Schwartz ist der Ozean”. It starts 15 February and lasts through 6 March 2021.

The binary of white/black is often the sole focus in Germany, and Natives are too often left out of discussions on racism, repatriation & erasure. This ignores how stereotypes, discrimination & Eurocentrism heavily effect Indigenous peoples, too, especially those who don’t look like the Euro-created stereotype.

This is a FREE event, register online and find more details on Facebook or the VHS Osnabrück webpage.

In cooperation with the Center for German and European Studies at Brandeis University in Massachusetts, USA, we’ll do an online film screening and discussion with viewers and students on Monday, 30 November 2020.

Learn more about the university, this department and its missions and goals at their website.

Check out the article at DEUTSCHE WELLE, and the video from 2014 where my interview begins around 3:00. It goes to show how little the topic of racism, Eurocentrism and imperialism are seriously discussed relating to (mis)use of Native peoples, cultures and histories in Germany.

In 2014 I was contacted by an American shocked by the fact the Karl May Museum was displaying human remains, and I began writing several articles on the situation published at Indian Country Today. This and other situations somewhat set the stage for me to pursue to completion this documentary

 Rassismus im Kinderalltag :„Yakari löscht unsere Identität aus“. “Der Psychologe und Pädagoge Red Haircrow erklärt, was Federn, Pfeile und Prärie mit Rassismus zu tun haben und wie man mit Kindern über Klischees sprechen kann.” An interview with the director online at Die Tagesspiegel on the topic of racism, and societal self-delusion on the negative effects of stereotypes and misrepresentation. In Deutsch, also available in print.

29 September – At Fachtag “Playing Indian” at MARKK. I’ll be joining Harmut Lutz and others on the topic of “Playing Indian” at the Museum am Rothenbaum in Hamburg. I’ll be giving a workshop in the afternoon, which will include select scenes from Forget Winnetou. There is a full-day of discussions and events, please visit the webpage for the current list of participants and check back for updates.

Request your copy of our documentary now at Vtape, Canada’s largest artist-run not-for-profit distributor specializing in contemporary and historical video art and media works by artists. Contact and FAQs page.

New date – 14-15 September 2020. In cooperation with ISTA – Institut für den Situationsansatz, a two-day seminar is planned titled, “Becoming and Teaching Human Beings: Critical Indigenous Perspectives for School and Society.” It will be given by writer, educator, psychologist and filmmaker Red Haircrow in English and German.

The seminar is designed not just for teachers or educators, but for anyone interested in these topics. It will include multimedia presentations, resource materials and networking opportunities.

While social distancing and in-place due to covid-19, a short interactive fiction work of fantasy, based on a short story written by Red Haircrow. Child of Light by Red Haircrow

New at Deutsche Welle from Elizabeth Schumacher, featuring interviews with Red Haircrow and other Native activists and professionals living in Europe. Why Germany can’t quit its racist Native American problem.

Our documentary is currently 1 of 5 featured films, at the website, 5 Revealing and Thought-provoking Documentaries. We are pleased to be featured alongside other excellent documentaries, and there is a short summary of our documentary included at the end of the article. 

New article at MEDIUM: “When I Think About America”, Red Haircrow’s personal and societal perspective on equality, immigration and US history as a citizen of African and Native American heritage. 

Upcoming on 23-24 March 2020, Red Haircrow will give a 2-day seminar: “Becoming and Teaching Human Beings – Critical Indigenous Perspectives for Daycare, School and Society at Institut für den Situationsansatz (ISTA) in Berlin. Read full description here. At the ISTA website.

Premise: “The tendency to ignore the needs of certain groups to represent themselves is a big problem in western society and continues to adversely affect all our children. How can we change this by incorporating accurate Indigenous knowledge and values into our classrooms and societies?”

Radio Podcast- “Don’t Frack the NT”. Available 8 Dec, on, Que Kenny (Western Arrarnta), Rachel O’Reilly & Red Haircrow on colonialism, #Indigenous peoples around the world & what steps to take now for a better future for all. Check out their project, Infractions Documentary.

4 Dec 2019 – Unseen Unheard // Indigenous Film Screening at ACUD MACHT NEU in Berlin, Germany. “Unseen unheard is a selection of films about the indigenous perspective and experience curated by the young Sámi filmmaker and photographer Lada Suomenrinne.

The films by indigenous filmmakers from Norway, Finland and the USA deal with contemporary issues of the First Nations like the fight for land rights and against industrial destruction, decolonization and cultural appropriation.”

21 November 2019 – Screening & Discussion in cooperation with Xart Splitta. We’ll be showing our documentary then discussing with guest Karin Louise Hermes: Why are Native/Indigenous issues too often left out of conversations on racism in Germany, in in activism? Join us at 7pm at XS’s location at Hasenheide 73, 10967 Berlin. If you have any questions about the venue and location details, please contact xart splitta at

See the first trailer and poster from our new documentary project, ALMOST. On the intersection of realities, identities and Indigeneity, and the concept of being enough, no matter what or who you are. Following the lives of four people on Asperger’s Syndrome, sexuality, gender and the effects of stigma and prejudice. It is currently in production, and will combine unique animated storytelling and live scenes to inspire hope and courage. TRAILER.

Pleased to share we’ve been selected as a finalist in the 2019 Overcome Film Festival. “The international event for all storytellers, filmmakers, and artists to tell the world their stories of survival and triumph over adversity, and has categories of live-action, animation, narrative, non-narrative, experimental, and audiovisual poetry with 27 Award categories.”

An opportunity for interested audiences to see our documentary stateside, in Denver, CO, as part of the annual Indigenous Film & Arts Festival 2019. On 14 October, 2019.

Pleased to announce two upcoming events. 1st, our film has been officially selected to screen at the Balkan Can Kino & Film Festival in Athens, Greece. The event takes place between 4-12 October, 2019.

7 September 2019- Film screening & discussion. At FSK Kino am Oranienplatz, wih Heinrich Böll Stiftung Bildungswerk Berlin. Time: 14:00-17:00. Red Haircrow will answer questions for the audience, joined by three protagonists: Viveka Frost (Teques/Caribe) documentary filmmaker and production designer, Johnny Clyde (Mezica/Purepecha), composer and filmmaker, and Sönke Bernhardi. This event is FREE to the public, but please register because seating is limited.  Facebook event page.You are welcome to share this invitation.

Have a first look at the trailer for our new project in production, a short documentary, “Almost.” On the intersection of realities, identities and Indigeneity, and the concept of being enough, no matter what or who you are. Following the lives of four people on Asperger’s Syndrome, sexuality, transgenderism and the effects of stigma and prejudice. Facebook page.

Indigene -Liebevolles Klischee (13 July 2019). Among others, a new article at Neues Deutschland mentioning our documentary. In Deutsch.

Another can be found at Zeit Online, Kostüme sind nicht unschüldig, an interview with Dr. Noa Ha, who appeared in our documentary.

Upcoming this week on 18 July 2019 – Film Screening & Discussion at Kommune Waltershausen (Thüringen) during the 15-22 Juli event “Wer lebt mit wem?” Sommercamp. More about the event: “Who-Lives-With-Whom? is a queer*feminist summer camp critical of power structures. It is about diverse concepts of life, communal life of younger and older people, political activism and how all of that works together nicely.” In English, German and French on their website.

NOW AVAILABLE. Listen to our interview by Claudia Friedrich for WDR Zeitzeichen‘s broadcast on “The Indian Citizenship Act”.

On topics of racism, white supremacist ideology and tokenism, all of which involves Germany’s problematic treatment of Native peoples and cultures today. All intersecting with and part of the rise of normalization of racism and nationalism BIPOC, German and foreign alike, are faced with daily. This negatively affects everyone.

THUS FAR: Official Selections, Special Screenings & Awards:

  • Special screening – Bildungswerk Berlin Heinrich Böll Stiftung at FSK Kino am Oranienplatz (7 Sept 2019)
  • Special screening – “Wer lebt mit wem sommercamp” (18 July 2019, Waltershausen, Germany)
  • Special screening – ISTA Institut für den Situationsansatz (24 May 2019, Berlin, Germany)
  • Special Screening -“Blütsbruder” Exhibition (26 April 2019, Osnabrück, Germany)
  • Semi-finalist – Courage Film Festival 2019 (Berlin, Germany)
  • Semi-finalist -A Rebel Minded Festival 2019 (Brooklyn, NY, USA)
  • Refugees Welcome Film Festival (Oct. 29, 2018, Berlin, Germany) AUDIENCE AWARD WINNER
  • Special Screening – PAVED Arts & Wanuskewin Galleries, January 2019 (Saskatoon, SK, Canada)
  • Special Screening – Kino in Kasten in cooperation with Technische Universität Dresden (Nov. 14, 2018, Dresden, Germany)
  • Native Spirit Film Festival (October 11-21, 2018, London, England, UK)
  • NatiVisions Film Festival (29 September 2018, Parker, AZ, USA)
  • Indigenous Film Festival (August 2-3, 2018, Pine Ridge, SD, USA)
  • Buddha Film Festival (June 9-10, 2018, Pune, Maharashtra, India) BEST IN CATEGORY AWARD WINNER
  • First Nations Film & Video Festival (May 1-10, 2018, Chicago, IL, USA)
  • Semi-finalist- LosAngeles CineFest (April 2018)

DSC0017924 May 2019 – We have a screening and Q&A at ista – Institut für den Situationsansatz. It is a free event but seating is limited. Please contact ista to register and/or if you have questions about the location and event at Muskauer Str. 53, 10997 Berlin. Facebook event page.

Great turn-out for our screening and Q&A in Osnabrück at Museumquartier. Please read the summary of the evening written by Dr. Andreas Brenne, who curated the exhibition.

26 April, we’ll be in Osnabrück at Museumsquartier, Akzisehaus, for a screening and Q&A. It’s part of the diorama exhibition that lasts through 2 June 2019 on the myths and realities of the legacy of Karl May. Facebook event.

Article & video from the March 13th event, “Can you copyright culture?” at dBs Studios Berlin. 5 Things We learned:

1. You can love in the wrong way, 2. We should watch our privilege, 3. The digital age is blurring cultural lines, 4. Diversity is essential to understanding, 5. Change is a personal choice

On 13 March, director Red Haircrow will join the panel at dBs Film Berlin discussing, “Can you copyright culture?” Shared via dB Music Studios Berlin website.

Facebook Event page. Register at EVENTBRITE.

Thanks for the consideration & opportunity. Pleased to announce our documentary film about Native stereotypes and Natives living in Germany has been selected as semi-finalist in the Courage Film Festival 2019.

Sincere thanks to everyone who came out on a seriously cold evening in #Saskatoon, to our Screening: Forget Winnetou! Loving in the Wrong Wayon 18 January at PAVED Arts. The event was in cooperation with Wanuskewin Heritage Park and Wanuskewin Galleries on their symposium honoring the work of Norval Morrisseau, First Nations artist. Photo by Paved Arts.

This exhibition opens in 25 January in Museumsquartier Osnasbück, running through June. We’ll be there for a screening of “Forget Winnetou!” and a discussion on April 26, 2019.  For more information, please visit their website or the Facebook event page.

Our 1st event in 2019! Pleased to announce we’ll screen in #Saskatoon, Canada, at one of Wanuskewin Heritage Park series of events in January. “Power Lines: A Symposium on the Impact of the Woodland School of Art and the Work of Norval Morrisseau, who is called the grandfather of native art in Canada, was Anishinaabe.”

Keynote will be presented by Dr.Carmen Robertson, and other performers and presentations include Indigenous Poets Society, The Indian Group of Seven, and Madison Noon. The film screening will take place at PAVED Arts, 424 20th Street West Saskatoon, on 18 January 2019.

We had a nice turn-out on Nov. 7th for the 1st evening in our #Indigenous film series focusing on female directors, in cooperation with Xart Splitta. The next event is Nov.20th, where our short docu, ALMOST, on mixed indigenous experience is followed by the feature length film, “Out of State” by Ciara Lacey on indigenous #Hawaiian prisoners. Guest speaker will be Manuel Ricardo Garcia. Full schedule here.

Our film won the Audience Award! A sincere thanks to all who voted & organizers of Refugees Welcome FILM FEST who made this award and event possible under challenging circumstances. Please remember to support and contribute to such projects and endeavors whenever you can.

15 November 2018: Lecture- Identity. Intersectionality. Indigeneity at the Frauenbildungshaus Dresden e.V. in Dresden, Germany, in cooperation with Zentrum für Integrationsstudien der TU Dresden. The event begins at 7pm and lasts approximately until 8:30pm.

Free Screening on 14 November, part of TU Dresden’s #Courage2018 Cultural Program, at the Kino im Kasten, beginning at 8pm.

Courage: Know, See, Act! “A program (#courage2018) of numerous events of cultural and educational institutions in Dresden, which deal with the topics of civil courage, integration and racism, but also with exclusion, affiliation and discrimination. Facebook event page.

Red Haircrow’s conversation on “Forget #Winnetou! How projections become reality” at the TRAFO – Modelle für Kultur im Wandel Ideenkongress in Halle (Saale) in September now available.

Event: How to Speak of the Land. 168 narratives to a question. Keyword: Indigenous traditions. Recorded: Halle (Saale), September 19th 2018, 20.05, Table 11. Expert: Red Haircrow / Berlin

Listen to the interview with director Red Haircrow on the UK’s The Electric Sheep Film Show, on the theme of “Unspoken Cultures. First Aired: 5.30pm Wednesday 19th September 2018, repeated 7am Tuesday 25th September, Resonance 104.4 FM and DAB (London) / broadcast streamed at http://www.resonancefm.comLISTEN NOW Resonance Replay stream on

Don’t forget! On Monday, Oct. 29th at the Babylon Theater in Rose Luxembourg Platz in Berlin, we screen at the Refugees Welcome Film Festival. If circumstances allow, I and members of the film team will be there, along with some protagonists from the documentary. Tickets can be purchased in advance through the website.

Check out the short interview with director Red Haircrow on RT.UK’s short docu on “AKA through the ‘white lens'”, and the topic of the continued exploitation of indigenous peoples for the Euro perspective. On YouTube.

Next film screening is in Munich, Germany on 23 October at Daneben im Tröpferlbad, featuring guest speaker and activist, Manuel Ricardo Garcia, a participant in our documentary. The program begins at 7:30pm, at Thalkirchner Str. 102. In Deutsch/English.

A sincere thanks to everyone in London, England who joined us at the UK premiere of our documentary on Wed. Oct.17th! Great thanks to the festival’s director and volunteers who organized and helped everything go.

Check out  by director Red Haircrow of “Spirits of Blood, Spirits of Breath: The Twinned Cosmos of Indigenous America” by Barbara Alice Mann (Seneca) in NAIS latest Vol.5.1 2018, at the University of Minnesota. Copies are available here.

Read the review online at Project MUSE.

Curating a film series titled: “identity. intersectionality. indigeneity”, Nov 7th- Dec 5th, 2018 in cooperation with xart splitta in Berlin.

Please view full programme here:

Description: A spirit permeates western society of ignoring the harm caused others, especially if it’s for one’s own gratification or convenience. Racism, homo- and transphobia, ableism and sexism are behaviors that demonstrate that spirit. They damage, deny and erase self-expression and identity. For Black People and People of Color, especially indigenous Women and Trans persons these problems intersect and are even greater. Through film those effected can affirm agency and resist the systematic silencing and erasure of their voices. By telling their collective stories and shedding light on injustices that occurred not historically and until today and the various forms of resistance against these, they can reclaim space and control their own narratives. Thereby ultimately empowering themselves and others within these communities.

In this series we would like to show a number of films by indigenous film makers dealing with a variety of topics amongst others historical and present day injustices, resistance, identity and intersectionality. Each screening will be accompanied by a discussion with the curator Red Haircrow and a guest speaker.”

More information on contact and directions:

In Brooklyn, NY upcoming this weekend, we join the festivities at American Indian Community House, for a few days of music, films and fellowship. Please check out their website and the Facebook event page for more information. Sept. 14-17th, 2018.

Sept. 27-29, 2018. Great to be part of a film festival with so much enthusiasm, taking place at Bluewater Cinemas in Parker, Arizona. If you’re in the area and have time, check out some of the great films and shorts that will be available! Please visit their website or Facebook page for more details.

Pleased to announce our official selection for the 12th Native Spirit Film Festival, Oct. 11-21, 2018 in London, England.

“Native Spirit Film Festival returns to London’s historic Bloomsbury to present Indigenous Film, Native Media and Artists, with some focus on languages in the run-up to UNESCO 2019 Year of Indigenous Languages.

In Berlin on 29 October, starting at 20:00 at the Babylon Cinema, my documentary film will screen at this film festival. Myself and members of the film team, and hopefully some participants also will be there to present and see it on the big screen again. Please visit their website, as well as the theater site for more details and information on the venue and other films being shown. or in the Website of Babylon Cinema:

We were so pleased to be selected for the Indigenous Film Festival 2018, where our documentary screened on August 2nd at Billy Mills Hall on Pine Ridge. We hoped it simulated some good conversations, and I consider us lucky to be included next to so many wonderful Native films, animations and music videos.

Call for Submissions-In cooperation with xart splitta, we want to help showcase Native American & Indigenous films in Berlin, Germany through Fall/Winter 2018. Themes will include women, GLBTIIQ interest & contemporary realities and futurisms. All details are on site, if filmmakers or artists have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact us.

July 5, 2018- Two of director Red Haircrow’s poems are part of the new anthology in Neue Rundschau, ““Geschichte Schreiben” or “Writing History”, publishing by S. Fischer Verlag. It’s launch event will be part of the symposium: “Symposium- New Perspectives on Memory(ies).Narratives.Future”. More information and registration details are available at the Xartsplitta website. All information is in English or Deutsch. Facebook event page.

Synopsis: “Hegemonic historiographies – such as those about colonialism – are increasingly beginning to falter, are being rewritten and reperspectived. However, this does not happen by itself, but is also driven by the year-long struggles of activists, such as initiatives of Black people and other People of Colour. How can history be told differently? Is historical injustice comparable? Can history not also be decentered and complex?”

Pleased to announce our 2018 documentary trailer won a best-in-category award at the Buddha Film Festival (June 9-10, 2018) in Pune, Maharashtra, India, rated as one of the top 100 best reviewed on Film Freeway. All results are viewable at their website.

Pleased to announce our small part in the upcoming new exhibition on race at the Deutsches Hygiene Museum in Dresden, Germany. Some of our film footage will be part of a critically needed discussion on the origins of the race myth, and the subsequent creation and uses of stereotypes within the white supremacist power structures and institutional racism that is standard operating procedure for European run countries, (descendants or directly) wherever they are in the world. Facebook event.

The exhibition will be available to the public, 19 May 2018- 6 January 2019.

If you’re interested in screening our film at your university, group or organization, etc., contact us with your offer or ideas.

Pleased to announce our film was officially selected for the First Nations Film and Video Festival​, May 1-10, 2018, so our North American debut will take place in Chicago, IL, USA! You can view their Facebook event page or visit their website:


For Deutsch speakers, a new article in OYA magazine by Sönke Bernhardi on cultural appropriation and misuse of Native spirituality in the Left, Liberal and “eco-movement” groups. It’s titled “Vergesst Winnetou!” and available also for reading at our German website here.

Updates! Making a documentary of this type is an emotionally and physically exhausting experience, especially in that as an indigenous or POC, you are still having to deal with racism, discrimination and #colonialism2018 on a daily basis. It is both a professional and very personal experience (a necessary one, I felt), but which takes its toll to your health, finances, everything. A lot of sacrifices are involved, and in being in Germany, also the reality of being away from your family. In my case, I’ve not seen most of my family in 7 years.

Since before the premiere on Feb.11th, I’ve been under doctor’s orders to totally rest. But of course, life, circumstances and society just doesn’t allow that, so I am having to be very limited in how I use energy and time. Here are some updates & infos:

1) There will be further screenings available in the future, and we will share the events as soon as they are confirmed.

2) A screening copy of “Forget Winnetou!” will be available in April. Both will have the same English and German audio, with one version available in English subtitles, and one in German subtitles. If you are interested in screening our film at your university, group, etc., please contact us through our website form with queries: contact.

Thanks to everyone who came out yesterday, Feb.11th, to the theatrical premiere of “Forget Winnetou! Going Beyond Native Stereotypes in Germany” at the historic Delphi Theater in Berlin Weißensee. I really appreciate the support and opportunity to share the experiences and observations entrusted to the project from all our participants. The full version and other languages are in the works!

Director Red Haircrow was recently invited to write a counter-point essay for CBC, following participation in the CBC.Docs documentary that premiered Jan.28th on Canadian television. Last July in Berlin, Red sat down with indigenous writer Drew Hayden Taylor on his search to understand why so many Germans choose to appropriate native cultures and/or dressing up and pretending to be “Indians”. You can read Red’s article at this link.

Director Red Haircrow appears in the trailer and documentary debuting on Jan. 28th on CBC Docs. It follows Drew Hayden Taylor’s “search” in Germany on the “why” of hobbyism. He was also invited to write a counter-point essay was published on Jan.26th at CBC. Native” Hobbyism is Modern Day Colonialism.

Our film, which is the “flip side”, on natives living Germany, the repercussions and realities of how appropriation and Native stereotypes heavily affects their life, etc. very different from occasional visitors or contract performers, debuts on Feb. 11th. Forget Winnetou- A Documentary Film at the Delphi Theater in Berlin.

DSC00179On 11 February 2018, our film will make its premiere at the Historic Delphi Theater in Berlin! Advanced tickets are now available through the Delphi’s website, and we would love to see you there! You can read more about film details at its IMDb page or its Facebook event page.

Photo by Louise Watson.

“That’s a wrap!” Our crew filmed a finale scene for the documentary this past Saturday, 30 September at Tegelsee in Berlin. See our news page for more photos of the terrific shoot. Thanks to everyone who volunteered!

On 15 October, director Red Haircrow will join many other notable speakers, historians and activists in speaking on stolen sacred items, objects and human remains at the Prussian Colonial Heritage conference, all relating to the Humboldt Forum. Learn more about the event and other details at the Facebook page.

On 12 Oct. Red will be giving a workshop at the Brebit event “Fachtag ‘Entwicklungshilfe’ oder Reparationen?” Many speakers will discuss the theme of rethinking Columbus Day, repatriation and reparations. Find more details at their event page.

24 Aug 2017-Director Red Haircrow will be part of a Pop-Up Cinema #10 Q&A with audiences, along with Jason Ryle from imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival. Event in association with Berlinale NATIVe and Humboldt Forum. Free admission to see this terrific drama-comedy “Hunt for the Wilderpeople” directed by Taika Waititi.

9 Aug 2017-Director Red Haircrow was interviewed by Ojibwe playwright, author & filmmaker Drew Hayden Taylor on his upcoming documentary on the Winnetou phenomenon, which releases in Canada on 7 January 2018. Learn more about the prolific indigenous Canadian writer who grew up on the Curve Lake reserve.

Published 6 August 2017: Our newest trailer! Please click the link “Trailers” in the left sidebar.

Deutsch version can be found at this link.

Pleased to announce our Forget Winnetou- A Documentary Film trailer selected for screening at Avanca Film Festival, 26-30 July 2017!

To view our first official trailer, you can do so here.

A podcast is available of the presentation on the evening of 15 June 2017, at the Office of Social Science at Humboldt University in Berlin. Red Haircrow discusses stereotypes and misrepresentation of Native Americans and Indigenous peoples in film and other media. Thank you again to Decolonial AG for the opportunity!

15 June 2017- Directors Red Haircrow & Timo Kiesel will be at Institut für Sozialwissenschaften at Humboldt University in Berlin, to present “Representation Matters: Decolonizing Indigeneity”. Forget Winnetou.

For more information, please visit its Facebook event page, details in Deutsch and English. The presentation will be in both languages as well.

Headdresses at carnival, childhood games, books sold by the millions for generations: iconic colonial racist imagery such as Karl May’s fictional character Winnetou keeps shaping our distorted images of indigenous North American cultures and histories. Together with author, film maker and psychological counselor Red Haircrow and with Timo Kiesel, film maker (“White Charity” 2011) and member of glokal e.V. we will discuss how representation of indigenous people and First Nations in the Americas and Germany are entangled with the material reality of social inequality and indigenous struggles for sovereignty, environmental justice and survival. The event is bilingual and located on ground level.”

2 June 2017 Red Haircrow will give a presentation at the “Indigenous Popular Culture Conference” at Saarland University in Saarbrücken, Germany. The conference is titled; “A Long Time Ago on a Reservation Far, Far Away: Contemporary Indigenous Popular Culture across the Globe.”
Contact about program & registration:
Svetlana Seibel, M.A.

Great interview by Timo Kiesel with Jen Osborne. The Canadian photographer who, among other topics, researched and documented “Indian hobbyism” in Germany and other European countries for several years. Check out her award-winning journalistic work which has taken her around the world, following stories and people with a unique perspective and aim.

Upcoming & Recent Participants

  •  Prof. Dr. Harmut Lutz, German author on the “Indianthusiasm” phenomenon, and professor at University of Szczecin.
  • Dr. Frank Usbeck, German author and in Leipzig.
  • Hengameh Yaghoobifarah, of Middle Eastern descent and German citizen, author, feminist, activist on cultural appropriation, anti-racism & more.
  • Donna Fann-Boyle, Native activist, mother and long-time campaigner against native mascots, seen in the documentary, The R-Word. See their trailer here.

Recent articles and interviews about our documentary

and featuring interviews by Red Haircrow, can be found at the links below, and also in print edition. Both are in Deutsch.

March 23rd at Der Freitag- „Ich bin nur dem Nein begegnet“ by Matthias Dell

March 3rd at Süddeutsche Zeitung- Glaubensbekenntnis Red Haircrow by Ronen Steinke

At Deutschlandradio Kultur (Podcast)

Director Red Haircrow was in studio at Deutschlandradio Kultur‘s radio show “Kompressor” talking about our documentary and crowdfunding campaign, and the continuing rise of indigenous resistance, which was sparked by the Standing Rock camps against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Online article in Deutsch, and available as a podcast in the same. The English version of the podcast can be found at the end of the article.