Our Team


Red Haircrow (Director & Producer) is an award-winning writer, educator, and filmmaker of Chiricahua Apache, Cherokee & African American heritage who is currently based in Berlin. He holds a BSc in Psychology, counsels selectively and is a MA student at Montana State University Bozeman, Native American Studies. His research focus is native mental health, healing and inter-generational historical trauma. Born in Germany, but since childhood mostly growing up in the states of Alabama and Tennessee, USA, like most minorities, racism and stereotypes have heavily and negatively impacted he and his family’s lives for generations. Red is a member of Native American and Indigenous Studies Association, Native Research Network and the American Psychological Associations, and through his multimedia consultation company, Flying With Red Haircrow Productions, he explores opportunities for collaboration in education, film, art, music and more.

Active Team

Johnny Clyde (Filmmaker/Composer/Videographer)

Viveka Frost (Artist/Videographer/Production Designer)

Natasha John (Graphic Artist/Animator)