The Director

Red Haircrow (Director & Producer) is an award-winning writer/poet, educator, psychologist and filmmaker of Chiricahua Apache, Cherokee and African American heritage. He holds a MA in Native American Studies from MSU Bozeman, a BSc in Psychology, counsels selectively and is available for educational and cultural competency consultation and speaking.

Red Haircrow’s continuing research focuses on Native and BIPOC intergenerational historic trauma, Autistic Spectrum Disorder and GLBTIIQ needs. Each are personal and professional interests based on his life growing up in Alabama and Tennessee. Through his multimedia consultation company, Flying With Red Haircrow Productions, he explores opportunities for collaboration in education, film, art, music & more. More details such as videography, bibliography/publications and current projects can be found at

Upcoming seminars: “Becoming and Teaching Human Beings – Critical Indigenous Perspectives for Daycare, School and Society” at Institut für den Situationsansatz (ISTA) in Berlin, Germany. March 23-24, 2020.

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