Johnnie Jae (Choctaw/Otoe-Missouria) is a CEO, journalist, activist and writer who lives in the USA. She founded A Tribe Called Geek, co-founder Native Max Magazine and works in several other endeavors such as suicide prevention and mental health support.

Gerald ‘Kunu’ Dittmer (Ho-Chunk) is a prosthetist who was born in Tunisia, grew up and lives in Berlin, but maintains strong ties to his native nation & US based family. EXTRA FOOTAGE

Donna Fann-Boyle (Choctaw/Cherokee) is a mother and activist who has been battling Native mascots in the Pennsylvania school system and across the USA.

Johnny Clyde (Purepecha/Mezica) is a composer, filmmaker, animator and artist who was born and grew up in Portland, Oregon. Currently residing in Berlin, Germany.

Viveka Frost (Teques/Caribe) is a production designer, photographer and artist of who currently resides in Berlin, Germany.

Manuel Ricardo Garcia (Jicarilla Apache/Coahuiltecan) is an architect who grew up and lives in Munich, Germany, active in the LGBT community. EXTRA FOOTAGE

Hengameh Yaghoobifarah is a feminist, activist, editor and journalist of Iranian descent who resides in Berlin, Germany.

Dr. Hartmut Lutz is Professor Emeritus at University of Greifswald, who among other things has specialized in the phenomenon of Indian hobbyists, and who coined the term “Indianthusiasts”.

Dr. Josylyn Segal is a cross-cultural psychologist of Cuban, Native and Jewish descent, who currently resides in Berlin, Germany. EXTRA FOOTAGE

Hildegard Reitz is a German member of the NAAoG (Native American Association of Germany), whose in-laws are Lakota, and who has a daughter of Lakota descent.

Stefka Ammon is a German graphic artist and filmmaker, known for her work relating to the fictional character “Winnetou”, and the effects of imagery and misrepresentation in mainstream cultures. EXTRA FOOTAGE

Jennifer Osborne is an Anglo-Canadian documentary photographer who documented “secret” hobbyist camps across Europe, whose work often covers misunderstood and stereotyped groups or people.

Kristina Kielblock is a German writer and activist who, both personally and professionally, has worked with many Native individuals and groups visiting Germany.

Lisa King-Huth (Delaware) is an assistant professor at Knoxville University and museum specialist, who heritage also includes British, French, and German.

Kendall Old Elk (Apsaalooke) is a performer, actor and cultural educator from the Crow Nation, who has lived and worked in Europe for several years. Daughter, Jasmin also appears.

“Cory Cocktail” (Lakota) is the anonymous name/identity of a transgender sex worker, performance artist and social activist who lived in Germany for several years. EXTRA FOOTAGE

Haven Smith (Chiricahua Apache/Cherokee) is a student and technical assistant who has lived in Germany with his father, Red Haircrow, for several years.

Natasha John (Diné, Mexican Clan) is a graphic artist and photographer born in Shiprock, New Mexico, who grew up in Phoenix, AZ and calls Berlin, Germany for home part of each year.

Wanbli Gleska Tohake (Lakota) is a great grandfather, long-time AIM member and host of the AIMCTX radio show.

Louise Watson is a digital anthropologist and activist-researcher from France, who continues to work in cooperation with First Peoples from around the world. EXTRA FOOTAGE