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Updated 27 August 2022


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 “Mitglied der Chiricahua Apache/Cherokee verurteilt Neuauflage von Winnetou: “Hier geht es um Geldmacherei” an Interview at (August 2022)

“Das Problem an #Winnetou: Ein Psychologe über #Rassismus und die deutsche Obsession mit dem Wilden Westen”  an Interview at Tagesspiegel (August 2022)

“The Frankfurt Book Fair Sheds Light on Germany’s Strange Obsession with Indigenous Culture” by Francesca Bianco at Montecristo Magazine (Autumn 2021)

“Neue Erfurcht vom altem Wissen” at Zeitwissen (September/October 2021)

Der Tagesspiegel Stereotype im Kinderalltag :Was Federn, Pfeile und Prärie mit Rassismus zu tun haben

Deutsche Welle German ‘Wild West’ museum to repatriate Native American scalp

Deutsche Welle Why Germany can’t quit its racist Native American problem. 

Neues Deutschland Liebevolles Klischee.

Zeit Online Kostüme sind nicht unschüldig  

Hase Post Forget Winnetou! – Filmvorführung und Diskussion

CBC  Native Hobbyism is Modern Day Colonialism

OYA Magazine Vergesst Winnetou

Deutschlandfunk Kultur Die Ureinwohner kommen nicht zu Wort

Süddeutsche Zeitung Glaubensbekenntnis: Red Haircrow

Der Freitag Ich bin nur dem Nein begegnet

Missy Magazine Kulturelle Aneignung und koloniale Gewalt

Frankfurt Postkolonial Filmprojekt: FORGET WINNETOU! Film ‘Forget Winnetou!’ studies German idealization of Indigenous culture


#MayflowersKill campaign (interviewee on Instagram) at Survival International (October 2021)

“Ich bin kein Kostüm” (documentary participant) by Karsten Gravert on 3Sat (February 2021 premiere)

Don’t Frack the NT at, Dec 4, 2019. With Que Kenny (Western Arrarnta) law student and activist, Rachel O’Reilly, filmmaker director on Indigenous sovereignty, environmental racism and cultural protection.

The Indian Citizenship Act at WDR5 Köln, June 2, 2019. Article by Claudia Friedrich, the host. AUDIO

Can you copyright culture? at dBs Film & Music Studios, March 20, 2019. VIDEO

Forget Winnetou! How projections become reality at TRAFO-Ideenkongress zu Kultur, Alltag & Politik auf dem Land in Halle (Saale), Sept. 19, 2018. AUDIO

TRAFO-Ideenkongress zu Kultur, Alltag & Politik auf dem Land in Halle (Saale), Sept. 19, 2018. VIDEO

The Electric Sheep Film Show (Radio/Podcast) Unspoken Cultures (September 19, 2018).

Deutschlandfunk Kultur (Artikel und Podcast) Projekt “Forget Winnetou” gegen Klischees. In English and German. (Radioshow/Podcast) The Voices #36. On Standing Rock, indigenous sovereignty and contemporary events in historical context. With music by Frank Waln, A Tribe Called Red, Bear Fox and more. In English.

Voice Republic (Podcast): #RepresentationMatters: Decolonizing Indigeneity. Forget Winnetou!  A discussion on the representation of Indigenous and First Nations in America and Germany, in a lecture at Humboldt-University in Berlin. In English.


Native/Indigenous Organizations

Reclaiming Native Truth – A project to dispel and America’s Myths and Misconceptions. Reclaiming Native Truth is a national effort to foster cultural, social and policy change by empowering Native Americans to counter discrimination, invisibility and the dominant narratives that limit Native opportunity, access to justice, health and self-determination. Reclaiming Native Truth’s goal is to move hearts and minds toward greater respect, inclusion and social justice for Native Americans.

Illuminative – A Native woman-led racial and social justice organization dedicated to increasing the visibility of—and challenging the narrative about—Native peoples. Through building relationships with grassroots Native organizations, tribes, nonprofits, and allies, and supporting their organizing efforts, our work creates connective tissue and activation networks. We use grantmaking, capacity building, and high-impact and inclusive campaigns that are grounded in narrative and culture change strategies and informed by our original research.

Not Your Mascots is a non-profit organization dedicated to addressing the misappropriation of Indigenous identity, imagery and culture using our educational and advocacy efforts to provide a more comprehensive understanding of Native people and the damage done to our youth and communities through the misrepresentation and mockery of our identities and culture through mascots, stereotypes and cultural appropriation.

A Tribe Called Geek is dedicated to offering indigenous perspectives on both mainstream and indigenous geek culture and highlighting indigenous contributions to geek culture and S.T.E.M Fields.

First Peoples Worldwide is the first and only Indigenous-led organization working to restore Indigenous Peoples’ control and authority over their assets by making grants directly to Indigenous communities, and by engaging directly with corporations and investors to promote Free, Prior, and Informed Consent.

Honor Our Earth creates awareness and support for Native environmental issues and to develop needed financial and political resources for the survival of sustainable Native communities. Honor the Earth develops these resources by using music, the arts, the media, and Indigenous wisdom to ask people to recognize our joint dependency on the Earth and be a voice for those not heard.

Indigenous Environmental Network is a grassroots network of kickass Indigenous leaders and communities across Turtle Island fighting for Environmental Justice and the Rights of Mother Earth.

Unsettling America-Decolonization in Theory & Practice  is an emerging decentralized network of autonomous groups and individuals dedicated to mental and territorial decolonization throughout Turtle Island and the “Americas.”

Native Cry Outreach Alliance is an organization made up of dedicated Native, as well as Non-Native, Americans to support a single and important cause. Native Cry is dedicated to suicide prevention awareness, helping survivors of suicide, and people who suffer a loss from suicide within the Native American community as well as other indigenous peoples around the world.

Native Arts and Cultures Foundation is a Native-led, philanthropic organization dedicated exclusively to the perpetuation of American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian arts and cultures.

Native Research Network is a leadership community of American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, and Canadian Aboriginal persons promoting integrity and excellence in research. NRN advocates for high quality research that is collaborative, supportive, and builds capacity. NRN promotes an environment for research that operates on the principles of integrity, respect, trust, ethics, cooperation, and open communication in multi-disciplinary fields.


Indigenous Rising Media

Native American Journalists Association

Indigenous Action Media

Native American & Indigenous Studies Association

KIN: Knowledge in Indigenous Networks

American Indians in Children’s Literature

Wíčazo Ša Review

Native American Teaching Aids

Other Resources

APA Press Release on Native Mascots

Contrasting Values: Natives & Non-Natives

Cultural Survival

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Sacred Land Film Project

Initiative Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland

Native American Association of Germany

Awakening the Horse People-Decolonization Writings & Resources for People of European Heritage