Thanks to Everyone! Feb.11-Our Screening at Delphi Theater in Berlin!

Sincere thanks to everyone who came out to our roughcut screening at the Delphi Theater in Berlin on Sunday! I so appreciate each and every one for taking the time on a rather sleepy Sunday, and also the support and opportunity to share the experiences and observations entrusted to the project from all our participants. For now, I’m taking a little break after weeks of intense editing, and two years work on this project. The full version and other languages are in the works!

Here’s a photo from the Q&A panel that included myself, Johnny Clyde, Viveka Frost and Kendall Old Elk. Special shout-out to Therese Degen for moderating in a great way! We first saw Viveka Frost’s short documentary as part of an upcoming full length film. It’s titled Reclamation. Before going on to “Forget Winnetou!” and a later Q&A after the film. Better dialogue, collaboration, communication. These things.

This was our only schedule screening in Berlin at this point in time. Naturally, we would love to show it other places. If you are interested in a screening of the completed version at your university, organization, group and so forth, please contact us for your idea or offer. It is available in English or German subtitles.

Logline: “It’s not about Winnetou.”