“Victims vs. Perpetrators”- The Dehumanization Connection #Halle #Shooting #Antisemitism #Racism #Germany

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A quote from our documentary, given by Dr. Hartmut Lutz, Professor Emeritus Griefswald University, who was a participant. It is critically relevant to the events at Halle, and the rising racism, violence & xenophobia in Germany…and western society in general. As with most things, somehow it becomes playing the victim yet again, even when doing horrific acts, minimizing or refusing to recognize/act against the obvious signs and rising racism & xenophobia. Dehumanization of others by whatever means, for whatever reason, has enormous consequences on a society. Stereotypes and stereotyping are not harmless.

“Victims vs. Perpetrators: as a German it is morally interesting to define oneself as victim”-Dr Harmut Lutz

“For Germans, dealing with Natives is quite a guilt-free space. They are not Hereros, they are not Jews, they are not Romnja and Sintezza, they are far far away. The German State never dealt with Natives, never colonized them. This is a rather comfortable space to enter. But cultural appropriation of Natives and hobbyism does not protect one from being racist. Not at all. Imagine the CULTURAL APPROPRIATION of Natives and ANTISEMITISM as two sides of the same coin.

Both have one thing in common: the process of Othering and the exclusion of fellow human beings. Through Othering one projects anything on someone else. And those projections and descriptions of others tell you much more about the person who projects and not about the “stranger”. These descriptions can be both positive and negative. Positive imaginations can be detached from realities that other societies are worshiped and adored in rather unreal ways.

On the other side, it can also be totally negative, they are dehumanized and constructed as subhuman objects. But both are ways of objectifying other people, either as objects of admiration and romanticizing or as objects of contempt…even killing. Through these extreme imaginations and projections, the actual people including oneself.”

The photo I took when I was in Halle in 2018 to discuss the film and its theme at the IDEENKONGRESS zu Kultur, Alltag und Politik auf dem Land. The violent, selfish, racist events of Oct 9, 2019 happened right outside the hotel where I’d stayed, at the döner shop I had visited. After the terrorist murders in Halle in Germany on Oct. 9th, where a white German gunner targeted a synagogue of members celebrating Yom Kippur.

It’s no surprise the admitted connection and inspiration by the murdering of innocents in Christchurch. Another young white male, entitled and privileged, full of hatred and angry, who feels “others” are threatening and taking away what is their right, their lands, their whatevers…. when the actual reverse has taken place across the world by that same demographic.

The connection is the accepted practice of DEHUMANIZE AND OBJECTIFICATION of “others”. Germans have done this to Native Americans for decades, passing along systemic racist practices and entitlement aka white supremacist ideology that it is okay to do so. This act of terrorist violence is another consequences of the willingness to use/categorize/label others. Flip sides of the same coin.

We’re a Finalist in the 2019 Overcome Film Festival! #Indigenous #Documentary #Films

Pleased to share our documentary has been selected as a finalist in the 2019 Overcome Film Festival. It’s especially amazing in that this is my first feature length documentary, as I’d described myself only as a slightly advanced beginner. It speaks to the intersectionality and importance of the topic, the strength and sincerity of the participants (see this here), and justifies the hard painful work so many of us put into the project, refusing to give up.

More about the festival, and head to their site to check out their partners and the many great causes they support:

“The 2019 Overcome Film Festival is the international event for all storytellers, filmmakers, and artists to tell the world their stories of survival and triumph over adversity. The 2019 official program will include Features and Short films in the categories of live-action, animation, narrative, non-narrative, experimental, and audiovisual poetry with 27 Award categories.

The Overcome Film Festival especially encourages and welcomes the entries of filmmakers all over the world who want to share their experiences in overcoming adversity or any other factor that has contributed to their growth as a person and motivated them to celebrate their existence. It is the focus of the film festival to give survivors a voice and a venue to share their life experiences and provide hope to others regardless of where they come from in the world.”

Clip from our new #documentary project “ALMOST”

A short clip from current #documentary project in production, Almost, on the intersection of realities, identities and Indigeneity, and the concept of being enough, no matter what or who you are. Following the lives of four people on Asperger’s Syndrome, sexuality, gender and the effects of stigma and prejudice. It is currently in production, and will combine unique animated storytelling and live scenes to inspire hope and courage in these challenging times. Website.


“Almost normal. Almost acceptable. Almost indigenous.

Half, a quarter, a fraction, a piece.
Gender, sexuality, ethnicity, cognitive or physical dis-/abilities.
Toxic beliefs, ableist and racist structures in society continue to harm.

Some are embracing their differences in order to heal…and they’re connecting.”

  • Directed by Red Haircrow
  • Animations by Neda Ahmadi
  • Music by Johnny Clyde
  • Intro photo by Viveka Frost
  • Featuring Manuel Ricardo Garcia


October 14th at The #Indigenous Film & Arts Festival in #Denver, Colorado

An opportunity for interested audiences to see our documentary stateside, in Denver, CO, as part of the annual Indigenous Film & Arts Festival 2019.

We’re pleased to finally make it public, we’ll be screening in Denver, Colorado on October 14th at the Indigenous Film & Art Festival! It’s organized by the International Institute for Indigenous Resource Management, and the host organization is History Colorado Center. I very much appreciate having our documentary screened by a Native group in the USA, who recognizes that stories and situations like these for Native North Americans are important, too, even when they are happening abroad. The event itself takes place over several days, with many great films and discussions planned, which are largely open to the public and free of charge.  Please do visit their websites, and try to help support them in the important work.

Please check out their event pages at their site and on FACEBOOK to see the full line up of great films, speakers and presentations.

2 #Documentary Screening Events Upcoming in Athens, Greece and Lisbon, Portugal

Pleased to announce our film has been officially selected to screen at the Balkan Can Kino & Film Festival in Athens, Greece. The event takes place between 4-12 October, 2019. More details about the event and group from their website:

“Balkan Can Kino is a collectively run cinema, lab & film festival, founded by film professionals in 2017 in Athens and hosted on the ground floor of Communitism. Film programming focuses on alternative approaches to cinema and audiovisual art in order to showcase diversity. At the same time, it offers film education with the organization of workshops, discussions and lectures, at low cost or completely free of charge.

Our dream is to create a solidarity network among filmmakers, organizations and institutions, active at local and international level. The project is open to those who are interested in getting to know us and/or participate.”

Also in October, for an event on the 5th & 6th (postponed), we will be presented in a special screening by HuBB Humans Before Borders group. The screening will take place in Lisbon, Portugal, and will part of an on-going series of film viewing and discussions on topics such as colonialism, Eurocentrism, inequality and inequity. What are some of the ways these are continuing to be manifest and how to end these Eurocentric cycles of violence and imperialism.

2020 Workshop: “Becoming & Teaching Human Beings: Critical #Indigenous Perspectives for Daycare, School and Society”

Pre-registration information on a 2-day workshop being planned for March 2020, in cooperation with ISTA Institut für den Situationsansatz in Berlin. Details are being finalized now, and registration will be announced when open. German details below.

“Becoming and Teaching Human Beings: Critical Indigenous Perspectives for Daycare, School and Society”.

The tendency to ignore the needs of certain groups to represent themselves is a big problem in western society and continues to adversely affect all our children. How can we change this by incorporating accurate Indigenous knowledge and values into our classrooms and societies?

We provide a brief overview of accurate Native American history, contemporary issues and experiences in German schools as a guide in writing curriculum and planning activities. We outline what inclusion, not appropriation, looks like by presenting culturally appropriate examples and resources.

We provide research on the effects of stereotypes and bias towards Native and other peoples. We answer the question, “What is really learned by children when other cultures and peoples are misrepresented and misused?

We provide a contrast/comparison model of Indigenous worldview and values vs. Western Society/European values. We discuss the effects of these values on things like gender identity and expression, food and living choices, belief systems and the world around us.

We discuss how humanistic, empathetic values were lost, and how this has affected our educational systems and models. Our focus is to (re)discover these values in ourselves and find the best ways to return these values to our classrooms and societies.

We discuss how to incorporate appropriate Indigenous knowledge and “awakened” practices in classrooms and raise awareness on why culturally sensitive curricula and activities are necessary. We will amplify and share Native voices from around the world to encourage critical thinking and decision making by listening to others, not reading rulebooks. We want to make a support system on a journey to create a better world for all children.


Die Tendenz, die Bedürfnisse bestimmter Gruppen zu ignorieren, um sich selbst zu vertreten, ist ein großes Problem in der westlichen Gesellschaft und wirkt sich weiterhin nachteilig auf alle unsere Kinder aus. Wie können wir dies ändern, indem wir genaues indigenes Wissen und Werte in unsere Klassenräume und Gesellschaften integrieren?

Wir bieten Ihnen einen kurzen Überblick über die genaue Geschichte der amerikanischen Ureinwohner, aktuelle Themen und Erfahrungen in deutschen Schulen als Leitfaden in Aktivitäten Lehrplan und Planung zu schreiben. Wir zeigen, wie die Aufnahme, anstatt Aneignung, aussieht. Wir werden kulturell angemessen Beispiele und Ressourcen geben.

Wir bieten Forschung über die Auswirkungen von Stereotypen und Ausrichtung auf Einheimische und anderen Völkern. Wir beantworten wichtige Fragen wie: „Was wird wirklich gelernt, wenn andere Kulturen und Völker falsch dargestellt und missbraucht werden?“ und „Wie falsche Darstellung der indigenen Völker andere Diskriminierung in der Gesellschaft verbinden?“

Wir bieten einen Kontrast / Vergleichsmodell der indigenen Weltanschauung und Werte vs. der westlichen Gesellschaft / Europäische Werte. Wir besprechen die Auswirkungen dieser Werte auf die Geschlechtsidentität und Ausdruck, Lebensmittel und Lebenswahl, Glaubenssysteme unserer Umwelt.

Wir erörtern, wie humanistische einfühlsame Werte verloren wurden, und wie dies unseres Bildungssystem und Gesellschaft betroffen hat. Unser Fokus ist diese Werte in uns selbst (wieder) zu entdecken, und die besten Möglichkeiten zu finden, diese Werte in unseren Klassenzimmern und Gesellschaften zurückzukehren.

Wir besprechen, wie man angemessenes indigenes Wissen und „awakened“ Praktiken in den Klassenzimmern übernimmt, und das Bewusstsein darüber, warum kultursensible Lehrpläne und Aktivitäten notwendig sind. Wir teilen Native Stimmen aus der ganzen Welt um kritisches Denken und Entscheidungsfindung zu fördern, indem sie anderen zuhören anstatt Regelbücher zu lesen. Wir wollen ein Support-Systeme kreieren um eine bessere Welt für alle Kinder zu schaffen.

September 7th at FSK Kino in #Berlin – #Documentary Screening & Panel Discussion


7sept mid sizeIn cooperation with Heinrich Böll Stiftung Bildungswerk Berlin, we cordially invite you to a screening of our documentary on September 7th at FSK Kino am Oranienplatz in Berlin. This event is free to the public with funding made possible from the Stiftung Deutsche Klassenlotterie Berlin.You are welcome to share this invitation with everyone. Please be sure to register, as seating is limited.

The program starts at 2:00 pm and is followed by a panel discussion with the director, Red Haircrow, and three protagonists. Representing Native Americans are Johnny Clyde (Mezica / Purepecha) and Viveka Frost (Teques / Caribe), and representing an important German perspective is Sönke Bernhardi.

Tagline: “It’s time to learn. To go beyond. It’s not about Winnetou. It’s about you and us.”

Synopsis: “The same mentality that ignores the rights of indigenous people to self-expression are often those who also have stereotypes and gas light GLBTIIQ people. Women. The disabled or economically challenged, especially BIPOC, just wanting for change and equality. It’s basically saying, “My joy is more important than your dignity, your rights or even your life.”

More trailers and video https://vimeo.com/redhaircrow
Facebook event page https://www.facebook.com/events/623357031520049/


First Look: #Trailer for in-production #documentary “ALMOST” – On realities, identities & Indigeneity

A short documentary in production on the intersection of realities, identities and Indigeneity, and the concept of being enough, no matter what or who you are. Following the lives of four people on Asperger’s Syndrome, sexuality, transgenderism and the effects of stigma and prejudice.


“Almost normal.
Almost acceptable.
Almost indigenous.

Half, a quarter, a fraction, a piece.
Gender, sexuality, ethnicity, cognitive or physical abilities.
Toxic beliefs, ableist and racist structures in society continue to harm.
Some are embracing their differences in order to heal, and they’re connecting.”

Directed by Red Haircrow
Animations by Neda Ahmadi
Music by Johnny Clyde

More information at redhaircrow.com
More details at facebook.com/WeAreEnoughtheFilm/



Visit our new #Documentary #FAQs Page -For Your Convenience


Visit our new FAQs page, which covers some of the most commonly asked questions we’re asked. Hopefully, it helps with your general queries for your convenience, and you’re welcome to use our contact form for more detailed requests.

Here’s an example:


1. Is the film an analysis of Karl May’s work or the character of Winnetou? 

No. As our film synopsis states, this film is on a) racism, white supremacist ideology and/or Eurocentrism in the misuse of Native peoples and cultures, well-intentioned or not, b) the effects of such behaviors and connection to other contemporary issues, and c) on correcting commonly believed stereotypes by providing accurate knowledge about Natives primarily from Natives.

2. What is the target audience(s)? 

Important information and perspectives are offered to all viewers, and relevant to all peoples, whatever their interests, background or beliefs on cultural appropriation and intercultural respect. However, the groups below may find it of special interest:

  • The educational sector (student, cultural and professional, etc).
  • Activist and human interest groups, as these topics strongly intersect with human rights, social justice and contemporary societal issues.
  • Psychology, sociology and history researchers.

3. Is your documentary in English or German, and does it have subtitles?

The documentary has both English and German audio. A final version is available with English or German subtitles.

More questions & answers HERE.

Our #Interview on #WDR’s “ZeitZeichen” is now Available Online: “Indian Citizenship Act”

In German and some English, the interview conducted by Claudia Friedrich introduced or continued discussion about today’s ramifications of the Indian Citizenship Act. While many Germans and Americans downplay the relevance of this history, and choose to ignore the implications today, Eurocentric attitudes and behaviors continue to be emulated. Obviously. More people may simply be ignorant on the entire situation, because these details are ignored even as they appropriate Native cultural customs and traditions for self-gratification. We have to look deeper at the effects of such behavior, on both Natives and non-Natives, and what is the root cause. LISTEN HERE.

An article by host, Claudia Friedrich can be found at her website here