Interested in screening “Forget Winnetou!”? Contact us for updated info on discussions, panels & organizing

Are you interested in hosting a screening for your organization, school or group? Vtape has a new pricing free for a one-time licensing fee. Please read more at their site, and read our FAQS page for helpful tips.

Vtape is our North American distributor offering us an open contract, we are still searching for a distributor specifically for Germany and Europe so more language options are possible for viewers. We are especially interested in DVD and Blu-ray distributors who offer options for individual buyers.

Red Haircrow, the director, is also available for lectures, discussions or panels on these are related topics. Read more about Mr. Haircrow’s professional background and research, which includes Autism Spectrum Disorder and Intergenerational Historical Trauma. Additionally, other participants in the film may also be available for events.

Our North American distributor, Vtape is an artist run, not-for-profit distributor committed to offering films to help create positive change and greater understanding between peoples. Why? Because the history and lives of Indigenous peoples have been misrepresented, misused and/or overlooked in western society, yet their treatment is indicative of the greatest injustice, inequity and inequality that is still being perpetuated not only against humans but against the earth itself.

“Forget Winnetou! Loving in the Wrong Way” is an award-winning documentary sharing the voices and perspectives of Natives and accurately informed persons who address these topics and more. Systemic racism, ableism, sexism, white supremacist ideology, Eurocentrism, cultural appropriation. These are all interconnected.

Our film is an honest and direct commentary not only of these issues, but the effects of apathy, minimization and ignoring how defending stereotyping or practices that harm, degrade and “other” continues the cycle of violence and erasure of marginalized and minoritized peoples and groups.

And how do we recreate, revive and renew our Earth, our spirits, our hearts, things that are critically necessary for our worlds survival? First, it is by recognizing, correcting and unlearning centuries of misinformation. Open your eyes. Open your hearts. Be a part of positive change that will benefit us all.

Watch trailers and extra scenes of the film at our Vimeo.


4 Dec -#Films Screening Event and Q&A “UNSEEN UNHEARD // The #Indigenous Perspective” in #Berlin

2019 has been extremely challenging, succinctly put. Endeavoring to finish up my next documentary by the end of this year, a shorter work titled, “ALMOST” on reality, identity and Indigeneity,  and the effects of stigma and prejudice. But before that, I have a couple of more screenings scheduled.

On this Thursday, 21 November, in cooperation with Xart Splitta, there’ll be a screening of “Forget Winnetou! Loving in the Wrong Way”, followed by a discussion with Filipina-German PhD candidate, activist and academic, Karin Louise Hermes.

On 4 December, I’m looking forward to the event being organized by Lada Suomenrinne, a Northen Samí filmmaker and photographer.

Image from Lada

UNSEEN UNHEARD // Indigenous Film Screening.  Program:

Unseen unheard is a selection of films about the indigenous perspective and experience curated by the young Sámi filmmaker and photographer Lada Suomenrinne.

The films by indigenous filmmakers from Norway, Finland and the USA deal with contemporary issues of the First Nations like the fight for land rights and against industrial destruction, decolonization and cultural appropriation. The screening will start at 19H in ACUD STUDIO and will followed by Q&A with Berlin based filmmaker Red Haircrow.

List of filmmakers:

Sunna Nousuniemi- Dissociate (Sámi)
Sky Hopinka- Dislocation Blues (Ho-Chunk/Pechanga)
Elle Márjá Eira & Mai-Lis Eira – The Sámi has rights (Sámi)
Blackhorse Lowe- Shimasani (Navajo)
Red Haircrow- Forget Winnetou! Loving in the wrong way (Chiricahua Apache/Cherokee)



Our #Indigenous film series began Nov. 7th in #Berlin – Next Date the 20th!

We had a nice turn-out for the 1st evening in our #Indigenous film series focusing on female directors, in cooperation with Xart Splitta, which began Nov. 7th in #Berlin.

The next event is Nov.20th, where my short docu, ALMOST, on mixed indigenous experience is followed by the feature length film, “Out of State” by Ciara Lacey on indigenous #Hawaiian prisoners will be viewed by guests at xart splitta.

The guest speaker that evening is Manuel Ricardo Garcia, (Jicarilla Apache, Coahuiltecan & German) born in Munich with Family in Chihuahua Mexico. Manuel is a Trans*activist, Photoartist, two spirit & active in the #LGBTIQA Black & #POC community.

Please view our full schedule here.